DANCING DONKEYS      drawings by Wendy Clarke

I draw with my finger, using the iPad app “Brushes”.  I spent the last several years living vicariously through the Dancing Donkey drawings and have drawn over 1,000 to date.

The dancing Donkey project is the latest form to arise out of my life in the arts. The daughter of successful artists, I began my career in New York City as a videographer, where I created “The Love Tapes” and had exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art and other museums around the World. After a move to Topanga, California, I got my first two miniature donkeys, Marcello and Sophia.  Eventually, I moved to northern New Mexico where I could raise more miniature donkeys, adding Romeo, Cupid and Mojo to the donkey herd, as well as llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and chickens to the barnyard.
The donkeys are my muse. They have inspired sculpture, writing, and the electronic art you will see in the book
​The Dancing Donkeys Learn the Alphabet as well as other books that are in the works.
​ The Dancing Donkeys perform ballet, modern, jazz, flamenco, ballroom, Japanese kabuki, and even Pole dancing.  They travel the world and throughout the ages; become Japanese Geisha, the Egyptian Sphinx, Buddhist, Hindu, Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. They play all kinds of sports from bullfighting to figure skating, work many jobs from dealing blackjack to weaving carpets in Turkey. 
​ This website has selections of many of the drawings as well as the first 3 pages of THE DANCING DONKEYS LEARN THE ALPHABET.